Favour Igwemho – Eghie

Favour Igwemho - Eghie | Favour Igwemho songs

Eghie” by Igwemho is a timeless classic from her renowned Agbo Khua Gbe.” This song, along with other evergreen tracks like “Ikha Yokhi Azilo” and “Agbon Ne Ya Mhe Te,” has solidified 's status as a musical icon among the Etsako people.

The album “Agbo Khua Gbe” holds a special place in the hearts of the Etsako community, serving as a cultural treasure that celebrates the rich heritage and traditions of the Etsako people. The Etsako people are a small minority ethnic group living in the uplands of northern Edo state in Nigeria. A people enriched with vast and diverse cultural heritage.

Favour Igwemho's powerful vocals and emotive delivery breathe life into each verse of this song, evoking a sense of nostalgia and pride among the Afemai dynasty. It's a musical treasures, preserving traditions and stories for generations to come in Etsako.

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