Mirabel Somi – Oji Uwa Eme Onu

Mirabel Somi - Oji Uwa Eme Onu | mirabel Somi Oji uwa

, a gifted Nigerian singer, has breathed new life into the classic song “Oji Uwa Eme Onu.” Originally performed in the eighties by the Nkwerre Aborigines Women Club dance troupe, Mirabel Somi's rendition showcases her exceptional vocal talent.

The lyrics, “Oji uwa eme onu,” serve as a poignant reminder to those who flaunt their worldly possessions, urging them to consider that no one knows what the future holds. The line “echi di ime, Onye ma ihe oga abu” further underscores the uncertainty of tomorrow. Through her rendition of this old classic, Mirabel Somi has brought a timeless message to a new audience, highlighting the enduring relevance of the song.

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