Oluchi Eze – Na God (Live)

Oluchi Eze - Na God (Live) | Oluchi Eze Na God

“Na God ()” by is a powerful rendition of her original Igbo song, “Na God.” Performed live, this song captures the vibrant and heartfelt essence of , creating an atmosphere filled with spiritual fervor and communal .

The phrase “Na God dey do am,” which translates to “It is God that does it,” serves as the central theme of the song. Through these words, Oluchi Eze emphasizes the omnipotence and benevolence of God, attributing all good things in life to His divine intervention. The adds an extra layer of authenticity and emotion, with the audience's participation enhancing the sense of collective worship and devotion.

Oluchi's vocal delivery is both passionate and sincere, reflecting a deep personal connection to the message she conveys. The energetic instrumentation and harmonious backing vocals further elevate the song, making it not only a declaration of faith but also a joyful celebration of God's works. In “Na God (Live),” Oluchi Eze successfully merges traditional Igbo musical elements with contemporary gospel influences, creating an uplifting and inspirational experience for listeners.

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