Apacino Mulla – Egwu Motor

Apacino Mulla - Egwu Motor | Apacino Mulla Egwu Motor Soundwela

“Egwu Motor” by is the latest sensational hit that has been creating waves and trending on social media platforms. This Igbo highlife song showcases the musical talent of Apacino Mulla, a talented singer from in Anambra state. Apacino Mulla is a multi talented singer, social media influencer, content creator, and songwriter.

The song revolves around a relatable theme as Apacino Mulla expresses his desire to acquire a car. In a blend of catchy beats and traditional highlife melodies, he articulates his aspirations, mentioning that all his friends have already acquired vehicles. The lyrics, “olisa nyerem aka ka m gote motor,” convey a prayerful plea to God, seeking divine assistance in fulfilling his wish to purchase a car this year.

The relatability of the theme, coupled with Apacino Mulla's engaging delivery, has contributed to the song's popularity and its rapid spread across social media platforms. The fusion of contemporary influences with the timeless sound of Igbo highlife adds a unique flavor to “Egwu Motor,” making it resonate with a broad audience.

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