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Atumma Ogufuluchi Masquerade Ukpo - Akwa Eke | Atumma Ogufuluchi ukpo

Akwa Eke” is a captivating song brought to life by , under the leadership of Emeka Dr Rams, and produced by Onwuzuligbo Music Industries. This traditional performance art form, characterized by vibrant music and dance, holds significant cultural and social value within Igbo communities.

masquerades, renowned for their entertaining prowess, feature a group of performers including singers and musicians. Traditional instruments like (metal gong), Ekwe (wooden gong), and local drums are skillfully employed to create rhythmic and melodious compositions. Their appearances at funerals, wake keeps, and various ceremonies in Igbo land are eagerly anticipated, providing moral and emotional support to attendees and leaving them in an uplifted state.

The song “Akwa Eke” delves into Igbo folklore, recounting the captivating tale of Akwa Eke, a popular narrative in Igbo culture. However, it is noteworthy that many of these songs are aimed at behavioral change and attitude reorientation in the community.

Audience participation is encouraged during Atumma performances, fostering community involvement and engagement. The masquerade fearlessly identifies culprits who have violated communal moral codes, prompting both shame and excitement among onlookers. Offenders may leave the arena in embarrassment, spurred by the revelatory nature of Atumma's performances.

In essence, “Akwa Eke” and similar masquerade songs serve as cultural touchstones, preserving tradition while addressing societal concerns and fostering community cohesion. Through their vibrant performances and impactful messages, Atumma masquerades continue to play a vital role in Igbo cultural expression and social dynamics.

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