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Peacock International Band – Eddie Quansa

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Peacock International Band - Eddie Quansa | Peacock Band Smash hits mp3 download

Peacock International Guitar Band presents Eddie Quansa mp3 download. “Eddie Quansa” by and his Peacock International Guitar Band is a timeless highlife hit from the 70s that has left a significant mark on Nigerian music history. Nze Dan Orji's was in pioneering what we now know as music, and “Eddie Quansa” is one of their standout tracks.

The song's intriguing backstory, involving a man named John Obikwe who changed his name to Eddie Quansa and relocated to Ghana, adds depth to the music's appeal. Story has it that Eddie Quansa was an Owerri man called John Obikwe, who relocated to Ghana after he fell out with his brothers over their father's property. While in Ghana, he changed his name to Eddie Quansa. His brothers appealed to the Peacock's band to make this song to lure their brother back home but he never returned till this day. The catchy melodies and lively rhythms make it a classic that still resonates with audiences today.

With its rich blend of traditional highlife sounds and bongo influences, “Eddie Quansa” is a cultural gem. It's not only a musical masterpiece but also a piece of Nigerian cultural history, especially given its association with the popular Nigerian television series “The New Masquerade.”

Other Peacock band great hits includes Sambola Mama, Igbuolam – Ebiri Ye, Benna, Umu IbeMmadu Ala Any Nwanne Ya and many others.

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Peacock Eddie Quansa mp3 download.

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