Galadima Umumbo – Ada Njaba Special

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Galadima Umumbo - Ada Njaba Special | Alhaji Galadima Umumbo Ada Mmiri Njaba

“Ada Njaba Special” by Galadima Umumbo is a captivating Igbo highlife song that pays homage to the revered traditional doctor and priestess Stephanie Nneamaka Ejiofor of Njaba in Imo state. This special tribute celebrates the cultural heritage and spiritual significance of Ada Njaba, highlighting her esteemed role in the community.

As the lyrics honor Ada Mmiri Njaba's wisdom, healing powers, and cultural contributions, listeners are immersed in a rich tapestry of tradition and reverence. The song's uplifting melodies and celebratory atmosphere reflect the deep respect and admiration felt for Ada Njaba within the community.

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