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Mike Okri – Rhumba Dance

Mike Okri

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Download Mike Rhumba Dance mp3 and all best of from our Mike Okri songs evergreen mix. Mike Okri is veteran Nigerian musician who dominated the music scene in the 80's and 90's with hits like Rhumba Dance, Omoge, Okpeke, Time Na Money and a lot of other viral songs.

Mike Okri's “Rhumba Dance” is an upbeat afro-pop track with a distinctively African sound. The song's main melody is heavily influenced by traditional afro-beat and highlife rhythms, with its lead synthesizer providing a high-energy accompaniment. While the lyrics of the song are mostly in English, the track's chorus is sung in Yoruba, one of Nigeria's most commonly spoken languages.

The song's title, “Rhumba Dance”, refers to a traditional African dance style associated with the music genre. The dance is usually performed with a partner, and the music's heavy percussion and lead guitar lines are perfectly suited to its steps. The song's energy and upbeat tempo make it ideal for a large audience to dance along.

The song's lyrics explore a range of emotions, with its main message being to life to its fullest and embrace the joys of life. The chorus in Yoruba translates to “Let's dance and be happy”, and the track encourages people to “forget their worries” and focus on living a joyful life. The song also touches on the struggles of living in a developing country, with a plea to the “alley boys” to “stop their fighting”.

“Rhumba Dance” is a vibrant, upbeat afro-pop track that is sure to get any audience dancing. It has a traditional African sound and its lyrics explore a range of emotions, from the joy of living to the struggles that come with living in a developing country.

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